5-Page Starter Website

  • Phase 1: Business Industry Research

    • Domain research
    • Social media research
    • Domain setup
    • Website platform
    • Email setup
    • Social media account setup
  • WKID Group Online Small Business Workshop | Digital Marketing Event

    Phase 2: Website Setup

    • Add product/service package(s)
    • Online forms setup
    • Backlinks to social media accounts
    • Add pages to your website:
    1. Home/Landing page 
    2. Product(s)/Service(s) page
    3. About page,
    4. Contact Page
    5. Blog/Resources/Networking page
    • Upload images, videos, and other media files
    • Connect online payment processing to website

  • Phase 3: Social Media Connections

    • Google Business Profile 
    • Informative bio on all social media platforms 
    • Connect social media platforms to your new website 
    • Online business listing registration
    • Starter social media content
  • Phase 4: Marketing & Advertising (Optional & Additional Service Fee)

    • Email list
    • Email marketing
    • Content creation 
    • Blog articles
    • Networking
    • Direct mailing
    • Online advertising
    • Print advertising
    • Marketing research & analysis

Please note the following:

  •  Regular maintenance of your website and updates to your website are not included in the above-mentioned price and will be billed/invoiced to you separately. The fee(s) for website maintenance and website updates vary dependent upon the maintenance service or update required and requested by you.

  • You are responsible for your domain service subscription, email service subscription, website portal subscription, and phone number/line payment service; as WKID does not cover this expense for clients.

  • Additional marketing, promotional, and advertising content creation (other than the above-mentioned) are not included in the above mentioned price and will be invoiced accordingly should you decide to hire WKID for Marketing Content Creation. This includes brochure’s, postcards, flyers, social media content, and other related content creation material.

  • This package does not include the setup of your Google Business Profile. The Google Business Profile is a separate service and a separate fee. The fee for setup will depend on the current status of your existing profile.