Meka | Lead Marketing Consultant | WKID Group

About W.K.I.D. Group

Welcome to WKID Group, a premier marketing consulting firm dedicated to providing Wisdom, Knowledge, Information, and Data based marketing strategies to guide you on the way to meeting your ultimate business goal.

With a passion for innovation and a commitment to helping others on their way to success, we offer tailored marketing strategies designed to enhance your brand visibility, engage your target audience, and boost your revenue.

Meka, our Lead Marketing Consultant, with 20 years experience in corporate America, brings a wealth of experience, ensuring that your marketing efforts are effective and align with your business mission, value, and goals.

To transform your vision into reality and propel your business to new heights, collaborate with us today!

  • Wisdom

    Well mixed combination of discernment, experience, knowledge, and good judgment

  • Knowledge

    A practical understanding of learned information by way of education and or experience

  • Information

    Facts. Useful, organized, & calculated data. Knowledge obtained through study, instruction, and or investigation

  • Data

    Measurable statistics collected for analysis, presentation, and reference

W.K.I.D. Group | Mission


Our mission is to promote entrepreneurship by transforming business ideas into successful endeavors.

W.K.I.D. Group | Vision


Our vision is to empower new entrepreneurs to focus on their core values, fostering a thriving ecosystem where businesses of all sizes can flourish and achieve sustainable success in this digital age.

W.K.I.D. Group | Purpose


We believe that with educational business workshops, training, and one on one consulting we can minimizing the intimidation of starting, owning, and running a successful small business.

W.K.I.D. Group | Goals


Our goal is to minimize the intimidation of starting, owning, and operating a successful business by providing basic and foundational resources, knowledge, and business education.